I have gained a deeper understanding of the subconscious mind after 15 years of working as a Certified Hypnotherapist using Clinical and Stage Hypnosis.


Then I created The Hypnosis System, a one month guided journey using Hypnotherapy for you to experience more out of your life!

Regina Crehan La Tourrette

"Thank you so much! Your program really works. It has been amazing. I'm 57 years old and I still want to ride my horses and when I get nervous I see purple, I say my word Freedom and I squeeze my hand 3 times and I get really relaxed and I just go for it on my horse. Freedom is the 4th word I chose and it felt really significant. Freedom from fear. Thanks again!"

Elad Shimol

"I wanted to say thank you! I feel wonderful I started a very big change in my life. Thanks to you, I’m not smoking and I don’t want to! I also have a new nutritional plan and a new workout plan. I am working out every day from 5 to 6 in the morning and I love my new change as I want it to last forever!"

The Hypnosis System!

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Glenn Rottmann Cht is a Certified Hypnotherapist, who’s work is now being recognized all around the world. 
His popularity started on YouTube by working with some of the biggest icons in social media. 
Glenn has used that platform to introduce his life changing Hypnotherapy work, making it accessible to everyone with his online products.


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"I want to take special thank you for this program. You are amazing!! And you were right my life would change for the better & much better. Thank you!! I am still working & listening every time I need to let something or someone go!! And the benefits is tremendous."

Maritza S

In this 5 session guided Hypnotherapy program, you will change the course of your entire life. Let go of the past, heal relationships, take control of your emotions, change any habit and design your future.
A lifetime of experience helping people make permanent changes in their lives has gone into this program!
You just need a set of headphones and an open mind. You will be guided through the entire course week by week. Each session was kept to under 30 minutes, so what are you waiting for?

The Hypnosis System!

Instant Access

Buy Now $39.95

What's in each session?


Session one ~ Intro and prep:
​I explain the entire program and how it is set up. I go over what Hypnosis is and some of the myths of what it is not. I will then cover how to get the most out of this complete program. Then you will have your first Hypnotherapy session.

​Session two ~ A safe place:
Learn how to control your emotions. One of the most powerful techniques in Hypnosis is establishing an emotional anchor. Imagine being able to change your emotional state at any time. After this session you will be able to control any negative emotion in an instant.​

Session three ~ Letting go, its time:
Here you will release the past, and let go of the situations and experiences in your life that have impacted you in a negative way. You will free yourself up to experience your best life.​​

Session four ~ Habit changer:
What habit do you want to change? Smoking, weight loss, negative behavior, procrastination… Any self-destructive pattern, here is where you will do it!​

Session five ~ Welcome to your future:
We design your life from the inside out. In Hypnosis we will examine your beliefs about relationships, money, career, goals, what you truly want out of life, and how you want to experience it.

Meet Lorraine on Instagram Live!

A Hypnosis System user, as she talks about the program.


The Hypnosis System!

Instant Access

Buy Now $39.95

Hypnotizing for Carl's Jr. & Hardee's

A Hypnotic Project…


When the 72 and Sunny (ad agency) wanted to make a fun, fast paced and Hypnotic commercial for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, they knew exactly who to call!

I could not pass up such fun opportunity to make this project.

I think we succeeded, but what do you think?

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