Hello, I'm Glenn Rottmann. 

"Your Hypnotist" I have dedicated my life to creating the most powerful self-development products using Hypnotherapy.

My Story


Glenn Rottmann C.Ht. is a certified Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, public speaker, pilot and success coach. He is also the most viewed Hypnotist on YouTube due to his work with several pop icon celebrities, as well as being the Hypnotist on the Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s commercials.

His formal training and certifications are from HMI college of Hypnotherapy, the first nationally accredited college of Hypnotherapy in the country. Glenn also had the opportunity to take the Silva Method in self-hypnosis during High School. This set him on a path of discovery and self-improvement, to eventually become a certified Hypnotherapist.

He has created and performed music as a guitarist his entire life. This has given him a complete understanding of the creative mind, including its goals and challenges. Utilizing his entertainment skills as a Stage Hypnotist, Glenn is able to expose people to the wonders of Hypnosis and then show them how it can change their lives. He has written and recorded several programs. Most recently, “The Hypno-Vault” a growing collection of Hypnotherapy videos on any and every topic that you can imagine. His work is now available for anyone to make permanent changes in their life!

After years of being a successful Sales Manager, Glenn has a deep understanding of individual motivations, business relationships, presentations and how to survive in the competitive business world. He brings this depth and ability to all of his clients and his training events. 

He is now launching “Trance-Formation”. A seminar, which is truly set to be a life changing experience.  “Entertainment with a purpose”.  It combines Hypnosis with comedy, multimedia, individual and group on-the-spot Hypnotherapy. This is a full day immersive experience, it will truly be Trance-Formational!​

One of the greatest gifts Glenn has is the example of how it’s never too late to create the life you want. It’s never too late to follow your dreams, create a career you are passionate about, or to learn that new hobby or skill. In Glenn’s case he got his Pilot’s license after the age of 40, and also added acting on Television to the list.  “We are only here once so let’s move on with our dreams”.

You may also find Glenn, doing “impromptu” hypnosis both on the street and on stage. The way he sees it, there are two sides to hypnosis. There is the fun creative side that entertains and leaves wonder and excitement, and also the life changing effects of Hypnotherapy in a private setting.

Glenn is available for private Hypnotherapy sessions by Facetime/Skype. As well as seminars, private and corporate events, speaking engagements, filming and anything else where his skill-set is needed. He also has a  private coaching and mentoring program for those few that he agrees to work with in this way. 

​Watch some of his videos, try The Hypnosis System and enjoy…

Jose Silva and I "The Silva Method"

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