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Hello, I'm Glenn Rottmann. 

"Your Hypnotist" I have dedicated my life to creating the most powerful self-development products using Hypnotherapy.

My Story


Meet Glenn Rottmann C.Ht., a certified Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, captivating public speaker, skilled pilot and accomplished success coach. His mesmerizing work with pop icon celebrities and his roles as the Hypnotist in Carl's Jr and Hardee's commercials, Healthlines "Finding Pause" documentary, ABC Local on 2 have made him one of the most viewed Hypnotist's on the internet.

Glenn's journey began with formal training and certifications from HMI College of Hypnotherapy, the country's first nationally accredited college in this field. His early exposure to the Silva Method in self-hypnosis during high school ignited his passion for self-improvement and eventually led him to become a Certified Hypnotherapist. This marked just the beginning of his remarkable journey.

An avid guitarist, Glenn's lifelong connection with music provided him with profound insights into the creative mind's intricacies and challenges. Leveraging his talents as a Stage Hypnotist, he exposes people to the incredible world of Hypnosis and demonstrates its life-transforming potential.

Before his entertainment career, Glenn's success as a Sales Manager equipped him with an in-depth understanding of individual motivations, business dynamics, presentations, and thriving in the competitive corporate realm. He now shares this expertise with clients and attendees at his training events.

To make the power of Hypnotherapy accessible to all, Glenn created "The Hypno Vault" – a true online community of change. A growing collection of Hypnotherapy and Change Videos created by Glenn to give you the same experience as working with him one on one. Covering an extensive range of topics. This platform empowers individuals to initiate permanent changes in their lives. "The Hypno Vault" has now grown into the largest online collection of Hypnotherapy and Self-Development Sessions ever created!

Glenn is set to unveil "Trance-Formation," a groundbreaking seminar merging Hypnosis with comedy, multimedia, and on-the-spot Hypnotherapy. It promises a life-changing, immersive experience that will genuinely transform lives.

One of Glenn's greatest lessons is that it's never too late to chase your dreams, pursue a fulfilling career, or acquire new skills. His own journey, obtaining a pilot's license after 40 and venturing into television acting, serves as an inspiring example of seizing life's opportunities.

Glenn's diverse talents also extend to "impromptu" Hypnosis on the street and stage, showcasing both the entertaining, wonder-filled side of Hypnosis and its life-altering effects.

As an entrepreneur, Glenn runs an international marketing company specializing in course creation, content development, seminars, and live experiences. His coaching is a game-changer for fellow entrepreneurs and business owners striving to reach new heights.

As an instructor Glenn has created "The Foundation Course." To train other Hypnotherapists, and share his insight to those that are seeking a career and helping others.

Glenn offers private Hypnotherapy sessions virtually or in person, conducts seminars, engages in private and corporate events, delivers compelling speeches, and lends his expertise to various filming projects. For select individuals, he offers an exclusive private coaching and mentoring program.

Explore Glenn's captivating videos, delve into The Hypno Vault, and embark on your transformative journey with this exceptional Hypnotherapist.

Jose Silva and I "The Silva Method"

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