Book Private Hypnotherapy Sessions

Meet with Glenn Rottmann in private

Glenn works with clients one on one for private sessions. Either on zoom or in person if you are local to Los Angeles, both are equally as effective. There is not one area of self development that Glenn has not worked in.

Hypnotherapy sessions are very result oriented! We work QUICKLY and get to the CORE of the issue. Through the hypnotic process, clients move through subconscious resistance and see changes in as little as one session!

Below are Glenn's most requested packages. You can also schedule a consultation to speak directly with Glenn to discuss any of our services, online programs or specific challenges that you may be dealing with.

Private Single Session Rates:

$650 us 

We can work on any issues or challenges you may be having in your life. Each session is a combination of some Deep Inner Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Fears, Phobias, Smoking Cessation, Vaping:

Most Fears, Phobias, Smoking and Vaping are cleared in one session. A complimentary reinforcement session may be included for these specific sessions.

Two Session Special:

2 Session ackage $950 us ~ Let's get you moving foward!


$40 us ~ 30 minute consultation with Glenn

Book a Session Directly with Glenn

Here are four payment options that can be made for private sessions (just email [email protected] to set up sessions using these payment options):

Venmo ~ @glenn-rottmann

Paypal ~ [email protected] (payment link)

Zelle ~ [email protected] 

We can also send a request using Wise (International) 

Email your request for in person sessions.

(In person sessions are in Los Angeles or Miami)


Video session instructions and tips:

  • Make sure that you have eaten recently before we begin your session, and gone to the restroom
  • Have headphones or earbuds
  • Make sure your device you are using for Google Meet is fully charged
  • Have a comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed, by pets, people, a ringing home telephone or a ringing cellphone
  • Either be in a reclining chair, couch or if in bed on top of the covers propped up on pillows (not lying flat)
  • Be able to prop your phone or laptop in a way that I can see your face clearly for the entire session, without you having to hold it