Speaking and Sales Training

Not just another lecture...

Lasting inspiration comes from sharing our true experiences. Combining that with the imagination and wonder of Hypnosis, creates a life changing experience.

What impact would you like your next event to have?


Sales Strategies and Group Training

Relationship Selling

​The true art of sales starts with certainty. Forming a deeper connection with yourself is the first step, so that you can truly connect with others. It’s about building natural rapport, having the mindfulness to listen and really hear the needs of your client. ​​

In my training events, your organization will be immersed in the art of Relationship Selling. Imagine an event custom tailored to your business’s true needs that combines Sales, Relationships, Personal Development, Team Unity, Entertainment, Neuro-Linguistics, and of course Hypnosis

Does selling really have to be this complicated?
  • Do you have to understand all the personality profiles?
  • Do you have to know all the different sales archetypes?
  • Do you have to know what your client is thinking?
  • Do you have to close, close, close?
  • Do you have to be a “Shark” to be successful?

Most of these things are made up by so\ called “Sales Experts” just to sell you on selling.


Selling or Sharing?

How do I know?

As a sales manager in the Waste Management industry, I grew my last companies revenue from $167,000 per month to $1,500,000 per month. All with no advertising, no marketing budget, no email lists, and no social media.

How was that possible?

With Relationship Selling!

Sales Strategy

  • Using Neuro-Linguistics (NLP) to build instant rapport
  • Speaking your clients language
  • Understand their decisions making process
  • The Art of Business Relationships
  • Recovering when all else fails
  • Can a “No-Set” be more effective than a “Yes-Set”?
  •  Testing your effectiveness 

Team Building

  • Self Discovery 
  • Showcasing “The Power of Suggestion”
  • What is the true meaning of being a part of “A Team”?
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs 
  • On the spot Hypnotherapy change work
  • Entertainment with Hypnosis
  • Uncovering your purpose
Are you really selling or just sharing what it is you have to offer?