Let Hypnotherapy help you achieve all of your Weight Loss Goals! 

Welcome to the ‚ÄúMaster Your Weight Loss‚ÄĚ program! I have designed each session to help you achieve and sustain all of your weight loss goals!
This program has 6 very special Hypnotherapy sessions, and a video explaining why we only go so far and keep falling back to our old patterns.

Master Your Weight Loss

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My own Journey...

Using the same techniques that I put into this program, I now live a lifestyle maintaining my ideal weight. While taking care of my body and having balance in my life!

This was me 30 pounds ago! When I saw myself in this image, I said enough is enough. It happened slowly to me over time and I didn’t even realize it.

What people are saying...

Master Your Weight Loss

~ One Time Purchase, Lifetime Access ~

Start Today ~ Only $39.95

What's in each session?


Weight Loss Explained:
In this video
I will go over in detail why diets fail and why we revert back to our old patterns. I will explain each Hypnotherapy session and what you will experience in each one. Then I will introduce you to the most effective long term eating strategy to make all of your weight loss goals a reality.

The Sugar Addiction Cure:
Use this session
to overcome your addiction to sugar, soda’s and the sweet sugary foods that are detrimental to our health and weight loss.

The Hypnotic Gastric Bypass:
This session will
change the way you experience taking in food and the quantity of it. You will find you get full twice as fast as the size of your stomach feels smaller.

Master Weight Loss:
This session will
change the way you feel about yourself and your relationship towards food. This will give your sub-conscious mind a new pattern of success to achieve all of your weight loss goals.

Morning Meditation:
Set yourself up
for success each and every day by doing this short and powerful morning meditation. It will keep you focused on all of your weight loss goals!

Bonus Session! E.F.T. to remove a craving:
Remove any craving instantly
 using this very powerful technique. Not only can you use it to remove cravings, you can also use it to remove any negative unwanted emotions!

Bonus Session! A Hypnotic Weight Loss Story:
Our subconscious minds
love to learn from stories and metaphors. This session is about finding your voice and taking control over your weight loss.

Hi Glenn,

I downloaded your weight loss hypnosis program. I was sick and tired of being sick, I had arthritis in my back and my hands and had given up on life. 

Today I am happy to say I’m down 50lbs, went from a size 16-18 to a 4-6.  

I haven’t touch pop or coffee, chocolate or sugar (including diet sugars) in months. I no longer have arthritis and I get up at 4 am every day and sleep like a baby now. I get 7-8 hours of straight sleep. 

I had surgery for a ruptured appendix and flew threw it with flying colors, mainly because I had been taking such good care of myself. The Dr said for being 64 years old I was in great shape and would bounce back quickly and I did. 

My life is no longer about depression, pain and no or little hope. The 30 minute chat with you after I bought the package was so inspiring and helpful. Thank you Glenn!

I am now listening to The Hypnosis System series and know it will be a great help to me in my journey for freedom from my past!

There's a reason Glenn is the most recognized Hypnotherapist in the world. 

"I use Entertainment Hypnosis to introduce people to Hypnotherapy and get them excited about what is possible. My true passion is sharing my gift of Hypnotherapy to help make a real difference in peoples lives" ~ Glenn

Master Your Weight Loss

~ One Time Purchase, Lifetime Access ~

Start Today ~ Only $39.95

Try an exercise with me!

Glenn Rottmann Cht is a Certified Hypnotherapist whose work is recognized all around the world. 


His popularity started on YouTube by working with some of the biggest icons in social media. 


Glenn has used that platform to introduce his life changing Hypnotherapy work, making it accessible to everyone with his online products.


 ~ One Time Purchase, Lifetime Access

Start Today ~ Only $39.95