Live Experiences!

 Trance-Formation is coming soon...

This will be an event of Hypnosis, Miracles, Magic and Transformation.


Hypnosis Stage Shows, The Mystifying Part of Hypnosis

Seeing Hypnosis in a live setting by trained professionals is an experience you will never forget. ‚ÄčMaster Hypnotist Glenn Rottmann and Tamara Maurer provide a Hypnosis Stage Show unlike any other. Using props, comedy, music, even theme based shows never seen before.

Not only showcasing the creative power of the sub-conscious mind, you will often see participants making permanent changes in their lives right on the spot. Truly, entertainment with a purpose! 

From auditoriums to private parties, corporate events to graduation nights no event is too large or small. Certified and insured nothing provides success like experience. ‚ÄčThat is exactly what you will get!