Live Hypnosis Show Dates

Sunday, May 22nd at 7:00 pm. A special evening of Hypnosis and Transformation.

A mysterious secret location (revealed to you after your purchase) "The Miami Beach ~ Curtain Call Secret Theatre"

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Hypnosis Stage Shows, The Mystifying Part of Hypnosis

Seeing Hypnosis in a live setting by trained professionals is an experience you will never forget. ​Master Hypnotist Glenn Rottmann and Tamara Maurer provide a Hypnosis Stage Show unlike any other. Using props, comedy, music, even theme based shows never seen before.

Not only showcasing the creative power of the sub-conscious mind, you will often see participants making permanent changes in their lives right on the spot. Truly, entertainment with a purpose! 

From auditoriums to private parties, corporate events to graduation nights no event is too large or small. Certified and insured nothing provides success like experience. ​That is exactly what you will get!